Our quality control department and inspection equipment is housed in a clean, temperature controlled room.



We offer assembly in our non-clean room area. We are adept in doing opto-mechanical, solar, medical & semi-conductor assemblies. Before performing an assembly, the team meets to identify the most cost effective way to product the product. This allows Malmberg Engineering to lean out the process which makes us very competitive and gives the Customer improved pricing for their products. We assure quality and copy exact by having concise pictorial work instructions for each assembly that we manufacture.

Clean room


When your Assembly may require a clean room environment, we can accommodate your requirements. It is certified at Class 1,000 in the room and 100 under the flow hood. It is constantly monitored by a particle counter in the room where the actual readings do not exceed 300 in the room and 20 under the hood. All of the same processes are performed as in the non-clean assembly area.