Quality control is the backbone of precision machining. At Malmberg Engineering, we have developed leading edge quality control and inspection processes that ensure the highest level of quality in finish, fit, function, and accuracy. We are AS9100 and ISO9001 certified. In addition, all gauges and measuring devices are traceable to National (NIST) or International Standards.



The prototype dept. is comprised of 2 vertical milling machines one with a 4th axis, a hardinge chucker and a surface grinder. They also have their own programming system and inspection equipment that includes a CMM. The team that works in this cell are certified journeymen machinists and are very competent in what they do. They welcome any and all complex parts that come their way. This cell operates aside from the normal production flow which enables Malmberg to give lead times that don’t exceed more than 2 weeks. The availability of material and outside processes does have a factor in lead time but in most instances 2 weeks is the norm. They also produce all the complex fixturing required for the production floor along with the inspection department




Malmberg Engineering continually monitors the trends in advanced machine tool technology. As a result, we feature one of the most technically sophisticated equipment lists in the industry. Our current equipment inventory includes CNC mills, CNC lathes, and prototype machines.  You'll find a full range of advanced production and prototype equipment in our job shop to handle nearly any precision machining need. Our capabilities include 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-axis work on pieces up to 20 X 20 X 50 inches - all with accuracy to within 0.0005 inch.


Our 2 Mam 72 simultaneous 5th axis machines with 40 pallets, 240 tools, and a 12” cube work space are capable of handling your most difficult requirements. Utilizing a dove tail clamping system, we are able to get virtually all sides of the part in one setup. This ensures that all the tight features and tolerances can be maintained as the part never leaves the fixture while in process. Using MasterCam X we are able to machine any and all of the complex geometries that your part may have. Since each machine has 40 pallets we are able to run lights out 24/7. This enables us to charge a very competitive rate as they run unmanned virtually all the time. If you have any parts that you feel fall into this category let us take a look at it as we enjoy dealing with any and all challenges.


We have increased the capacity of our Turning department by adding 2 more Lathes to this cell. We now have the capability to run anything from 1/8 to 3.00 inch diameter through the spindle utilizing bar feeders that allow the machinery to run unmanned. This has dramatically increased the work flow due to the efficiency the equipment offers. With the increased work flow, it has given Malmberg Engineering the opportunity to cost this cell differently, giving the Customer improved pricing for their products.



Malmberg Engineering's in-house programming staff continually upgrades our computer-based machining operations. They maintain a data base of component specifications and machining instructions stored on our networked computer system, and are linked directly to our shop floor. We use a variety of CAD/CAM programs for the programming of our mill and lathe operations, and maintain a history of those programs. This makes it easy to modify machine programming for piece alterations or accuracy adjustment. In addition, our programming technicians can transfer your custom CAD design to our CNC system, taking your component from design through prototype and finished product without extensive reprogramming.